Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 3!!!

Monday again!!
We worked on the letter 2 today, colors and shapes in Math. Bubba #1 does NOT like doing worksheets!!

We talked about how things grow.  Specifically how people grow.  We read the book "Now That I'm Big".  It's a great way to introduce adjectives...big, small...old, new...baby, boy.  It's fun to observe how Bubba #1 can do things that Bubba #2 can't do yet.  Good to note Bubba #1 says that he won't ever drive and will let Mama do it.  Part of me would be happy to do that. Less insurance claims I'm thinking.  Sometimes he reminds me of the dog in the movie "Up".  "SQUIRREL"  He'd be driving and see something shiny and drive off the road.  We have a while before we have to worry about driving though.

We did a lot of rhyming words today.  Nate loves playing a memory style rhyming game. Instead of finding the same, he has to find the word  that rhymes with it. Like cat, hat; or fox, box.

I've noticed that now we are in week 3 that the lessons are more involved.  There seems to be more prep time.  I'm not complaining.  I find though that Bubba #1 has a hard time sticking to the "plan".  I'm having to prioritize the important things and not do as many of the enrichment things.
All in all, we are doing well.  I expect to have challenges with him.

Oh and here are the rest of the letters we've finished so far.

I for Ice Cream
J for Jet
K for Kite

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