Wednesday, August 24, 2011

day 2...getting in a groove

Today was a day of huge excitement!  We had an earthquake!! Oh and it was our second day of school. AND now we have a hurricane bearing down on the area.  What a great teaching talk about geology and weather all in the same week!

We are getting into a schooling groove.  I love the curriculum.  It gets me going in the right direction and I can test different methods of teaching to see what helps Bubba #1 be at his best.

In Math, we had a game where I flipped over a card with a number 1-10 and Bubba had to count out game pieces that matched the number.  He LOVED it and asked if we could play it again tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a light curriculum day so I think we'll go out walking with a notebook so Bubba #1 can make some observations and practice drawing!


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