Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting Ready

I finally got Bubba #1's math books in the mail.  I am still waiting for the sign language dvds and we'll be all set.

I bought 3 plastic boxes yesterday that I can put the academic stuff in for each day. Each subject will be in a file folder inside the box for that day.  We are going to try 3 full days for we'll be on a M,W, F and then a T, TH, F  for a rotating weekly schedule.

So here's where we are at.

We are using the Calvert curriculum for all subjects but Math.  Nate will be using it for writing, reading, spelling, science.  They have a Teaching Service you can add to the program but we decided not to do that for Kindergarten.  We will purchase it for the elementary grades though.

For Math, I am using the Horizons K program.  I wanted to introduce him to the basics and it really isn't introduced until 1st grade.

For Bible, I am using the AWANA Sparks program for bible verse memory and adding my own lesson plans for going through the bible.

I am teaching him basic sign language, which he LOVES.  He calls it the "hand alphabet".  I'd like to teach him some Greek, Latin and basic Spanish too.

For Teacher Mom, I am part  of a homeschooling group.  I've joined a couple of yahoo groups that deal with different parts of homeschooling like lap-booking, note-booking, unit studies, curriculum garage sales, home-school buyers co-op and the like.

My awesome husband let me buy a subscription for ABC Teach which has all kinds of teaching resources-workbook pages, lesson plans, it is HEAVEN!!

For now that's it!  It's getting to be real and I am still excited!!

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