Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, Monday

Friday was pretty much a review day.  It was hard to focus.  We were supposed to be going on vacation but then Irene decided that she wanted to blow stuff around and douse us.  Everything felt off balance.  We did finish all the reading activities that needed to be done and read some books together.

Today is Monday and it's a new day!!

We did our book work and read some books together...including The Little Engine That Could.   The library has a TON of great books. We read a learn to read book that talked about manners and saying please.  For a little bubba, that is VERY important and needs LOTS of work!  Bubba #1 LOVES dinosaurs and I found this great book called Tyrannosaurus Math.  There's another one based on a character called Sebastian Pig.  He goes on little adventures and they intertwine math in it. The one we read today was a camping trip and things kept disappearing.  It totally had Bubba #1 doing math and not knowing he was doing it!

This afternoon I am combining a craft and alphabet review.  We're reviewing A-F.  I found a great site called No Time For Flashcards. They had a really fun idea for making or decorating the letters to coincide with the letter.  So the A looks like an alligator...the B is a bee....C a caterpillar.....D a dinosaur....E an Elephant....and F a Flower.

Once the glue dries...we are going to use paint to decorate the C with fingerprints for the caterpillar...and finish the elephant, dinosaur, bee and alligator.  It is super fun!!

The finished product

Check out the website tomorrow for more adventures!!! 

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  1. That came out great! I think the E is my favorite!

    I am a new follower from the Link and Learn from No Time For Flash Cards. If you have a chance, stop by and follow me and say hi!